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Some People Overpay the Government...But Certainly Not Our Clients!


Audits Can be Successfully Fought!

Did you get a notice from the Internal Revenue Service for a Tax Audit? You need a tax lawyer NOW! Do not delay or wait until the audit is over. As a tax and business lawyer since 1976, I have helped many businesses and high income earners protect their assets from IRS audits.

Even if  a CPA or accountant prepared your tax return, you need a Tax Lawyer to be your professional advocate to negotiate during the audit. Usually, you will not be present for the audit. This prevents the IRS auditor from tricking you into making admissions that can get you into trouble!


IRS Focusing on Audits of S Corporations.

The IRS has known for years that S corporations are sometimes used to circumvent federal income and employment taxes. Despite this, relatively few S corps and shareholders have been audited in recent years. However, things are changing. The IRS has announced that the number of S corps has "exploded" in the last 20 years and it plans to increase scrutiny of businesses that operate this way. In other words, S corps and their shareholders are no longer flying beneath the IRS radar.

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