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Do not "go it alone!"

You need a tax lawyer BEFORE THE AUDIT STARTS.




scalesblue.gifConfronting the IRS and Tax Agencies                                                           
                    Say nothing and Immediately Call your Tax more


scalesblue.gifIRS Offer in Compromise

Tax settlements with the IRS can help avoid an unnecessary bankruptcy and can end the nightmare of bank levies, asset seizures, and wage executions. An effective Offer can provide a reasonable tax settlement that will eliminate excessive and burdensome tax payments.

Don't be fooled by scam artists that promise "pennies on the dollar" settlements. Yes, it is true that I have gotten exceptional deals for a few clients, nevertheless the determination of the Offer amount is based upon your assets, liabilities and income.

The Offer in Compromise process for reducing tax liability requires two basic concepts:

  • Your tax attorney prepares a proposal ("Offer")
  • The IRS considers and grants the settlement request ("Compromise.")

This difficult and time consuming process of lowering your taxes can be very valuable.Click here for more detail on Compromises.



scalesblue.gifNew Jersey Bar and Restaurant Audits

The NJ Division of Taxation is on the attack!

The Division of Taxation tries to take advantage of the typically poor record-keeping of many small businesses. Their abusive method is to grossly exaggerate the income of the business during the audit. This causes an increase in:


  1. Sales Tax
  2. Corporate Income Tax, and
  3. Gross Income Tax

  for the business and its owners!

scalesblue.gifAfter the Audit
You have a right to Appeals within the IRS and then to go to US Tax Court or the Court of Federal Claims. Read more

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